Choosing a roofing ondulin

Choosing a roofing ondulin

The usual roofing materials are being replaced by more modern analogues. Not so long ago in the domestic construction market appeared ondulin. He immediately bribed a low price, presentable appearance, record moisture resistance and other positive qualities.

The popularity of the material increased to such an extent that it was even counterfeited. Let’s stop our attention on how to choose the right ondulin for the roof, so that it is of proper quality and fully complies with future conditions of use.


The first production facilities for its production were established near Paris back in 1944. In the 60s, the company had already had several plants, and the new roofing material began to be widely used in European countries. In Russia ondulin got only in 1994, and since then the material is in ever-increasing demand.

The production of ondulin uses cellulose fibers, which are strongly crushed together with mineral components and rolled into sheets of a given shape. It is then impregnated with purified bitumen in several stages, which ensures high waterproofing properties of the material.

At this stage, the material is also impregnated with mineral additives and hardening resins. Painting can be done on one or both sides. The colour palette is wide, the surface can be matt or glossy depending on the composition used: acrylic paint is used to obtain a matt surface, the glossy surface is obtained by adding silicone.


The method of production and the materials used allowed achieving excellent performance.

Among the main advantages of ondulin is worth highlighting:

  • Water resistance. In this parameter, the muskrat is superior to all other roofing materials. Waterproofing properties are ensured by impregnation with special compositions. Moreover, cellulose fibers are more firmly connected to each other when heated by sunlight, further increasing the moisture resistance of the material;
  • Light weight. Standard sized ondulin sheet weighs only 6.5 kg, which is almost 4 times less than the slate of the same area, which means easier transportation and installation of the material;
  • Easy processing. A wood hacksaw can be used to cut the sheets;
  • Flexibility. It is not difficult to give the material the most bizarre shape, so it can be used to arrange the roofs of complex shapes;
  • Low cost. Ondulin, of course, a little more expensive than the usual slate, but much cheaper than other roofing materials, including metal tiles;
  • Oundproofing qualities. The material allows to do without additional sound insulation, as falling drops of rain and gusts of wind will not be heard in the room;


Demand for the material has led to the emergence of new varieties of it.

At the moment Ondulin is produced of such types:

  • classic. It is used on flat and vaulted roofs, has the size of 200 * 95 cm, a thickness of 3 mm;
  • smart hazelnut. A more modern and perfect coating, which differs from the classic one with lower parameters and weight, applied by the fixing points and the presence of a lock-hydrobrier.
  • Ondulin compact is used for small or complex roofs, the convenience of transportation and installation is due to the reduced size. The sheet with parameters 100*75 cm has a thickness of 2.6 mm, weight 2.5 kg, the number of waves – 8. Due to the large number of overlaps, high roof strength is ensured, even with a smaller material thickness. The material is used mainly for the arrangement of roofs of small buildings, including garages, sheds.


When it is decided that the muskrat is ideal for the roof of a particular building, it is important to choose a quality material that fully meets all expectations.

When buying, pay attention to the following points:

  • the size of the sheet must match the declared type of muskrat, all sheets must be the same;
  • the number of waves on standard sheets is always 10, on compact sheets – 8, and on fake sheets can be 9;
  • it will be useful to compare several sheets selectively so that they are exactly the same shade;
  • bituminous stains are not desirable on the sheets;
  • feel free to look at the quality certificates and review the warranty terms;
  • it’s best to buy from reputable vendors and official dealers of large manufacturers. It is better to give up the product at a too low price.

Due to its low cost and good performance Ondulin is now used to cover the roofs of household buildings, and the construction of houses. The right choice of ondulin and compliance with all the rules of installation – the key to a long life of this roofing material.